Over the years, David Kleiman listened as the older generation told their stories -- and was clever enough to record the interviews. The recordings here are just a part of the full trove and may be added to the website in the future.These recordings are long - sometimes more than an hour. As time allows, I'll break them up into chapters to make them easier to digest.

Recordings are stored on Simplecast.com for ease of access. You can download the interviews for at-home listening. Some of the files are quite large, so I suggest downloading via wi-fi, not cellular data. Access to the recordings is limited to registered users.

These interviews are the only ones I have found to date. If anyone has additional audio recordings of relatives, please send them to me and I'll put them on the site. Or better yet, record an new interview with one of your older relatives so life stories are not lost to history. Download the interview guide below

Recording Date: 1978-12-20
Description: Sonnie and Sophie talk about family relationships and genealogy

Description: A very young David asks grandpa Louis questions about Judiasm
Length: 17:28

Recording Date: 1985-10-12
Description: Moe & Esther talk about Moe's military service and Romanian citizenship; their passage to US and early life in the US.
Length: 1:34:11

Recording Date: 1978-12-20
Description: Sophie Wisniowecski Hersh tells the story of Jack having his life saved by one of the servants,the trip across Europe to America, and about the house in Boguslav. She talks about Sam Kleiman as "a real Don Juan" and how the matchmaker introduced Dossie and Sam.
Length: 24:35

Description: Discussion of events in Boguslav during and after the pogroms in 1921.
Length: 52:39